CR20 Series

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  • Detects flows of less than 5ml’s per minute
  • Handles continuous flows to 4L per minute
  • Suitable for pulsed or continuous flows
  • Suits tube and pipes from 6mm to 20 mm
  • All wetted parts UPVC or PVDF with VITON® or EPDM seals
  • Compact all position mounting
  • 18 Bar (260PSI) Pressure rating
  • Fast response to flow loss
  • Easy to install and service
  • Simple and reliable
  • Weatherproof


Flow, or loss of flow detection is a critical part of many scientific and industrial applications. Due to their robust construction and high sensitivity the CR20 Microflow switches are suitable for detection of loss of flow in a variety of liquid and gas applications. The wetted parts of the CR20 are made from UPVC with Viton O-ring seals. Optional PVDF versions are also available. There are no metal parts within the wet area of the switch. The CR20 can be used with a variety of chemical solutions, including most mineral salt solutions, acids and alkalis. The switch can only be used with clean liquids or gases that are free from suspended solids larger than 20 microns, and free from particulates or sludge residue that is attracted to magnets.Materials such as Ferric solutions, organic solvents, esters and keytones in general should not be used with the CR20.

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