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IPG20 Intelligent Pump Guard

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F Series


  • 0 to 500V AC 15 Amp S.P.D.T switch
  • PLC versions available
  • 316 Stainless or Polypropylene models
  • 3/4 – 1” BSP & 3/4 – 1” NPT models available
  • Manual override built in
  • Modular construction
  • 200 Bar pressure rating
  • Seal-less magnetic drive
  • Diesel models available
  • Weatherproof IP67 housing
  • Easily serviceable


The F Series flow switch is a tough but highly sensitive paddle flow switch suitable for a wide range of flow control applications in both hot and cold liquids. The electrical housing of the switch is a separate assembly and locks onto the wet end of the switch. It can be easily and safely removed for servicing, without disturbing electrical wiring. This unique feature, and the inclusion of a built in manual override make the F Series a very versatile flow switch. In addition to the standard microswitch models the F Series is available fitted with reed switches for PLC, relay logic and telemetry applications

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F Series Data Sheet
F Series Installation Sheet

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F25 Series


  • Australian made
  • Reliable robust construction
  • Weatherproof enclosure IP56
  • All wetted parts in thermo plastic
  • No metal parts in contact with fluids
  • Fully adjustable flow sensitivity
  • Suits pipe sizes 25MM to 150MM +
  • Reed switch or solid state output
  • Totally serviceable design
  • Full 18 Bar (260 PSI) pressure rating
  • Energy authority approved


The F25 series flow switch has been specifically developed to fill the need for a flow sensor, capable of working reliably in applications in which metal flow switches fail.
Typical areas include chemical, process, pharmaceutical, scientific and agricultural uses in which the metal components of traditional flow switches either interfere with,
or are attacked by, the liquids being handled. Modern thermo plastic pipe systems are used extensively in agriculture, industry, and in commercial and domestic fluid
handling. The F25 flow switch has been specifically designed to integrate into plastic piping systems, and to enhance the advantages of such systems. Total avoidance
of metal components, in the fluid stream, has been achieved. In addition, an advanced frictionless sensitivity adjusting system gives total external control over the
switching threshold.


  • Loss of flow protection for pumps
  • Control of flow in ultra pure water systems
  • Flow status signalling in water treatment plants
  • Control of effluent and fluid neutralising systems
  • Corrosive and saline ground water applications
  • Applications involving sea water or brine solutions
  • Safety and control signalling for chemical handling
  • Control and protection of chemical pumps
  • Irrigation and turf watering systems control
  • Horticultural and hydroponics system control

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