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IPG20 Intelligent Pump Guard

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IPG20 Intelligent Pump Guard


  • Learns the operating pressure
  • Fixed or travelling irrigation systems
  • Compensates for change in terrain
  • Cyclic running for pod systems
  • Leak and blockage detection
  • Loss of flow protection
  • Displays pressure and set points
  • 20 Bar / 2000 kPa pressure rating
  • Multi voltage operation
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • IP67 rated


The IPG20 Intelligent Pump Guard is a flow and pressure sensing device for loss of prime, as well as leak and blockage, protection specifically designed for effluent systems. The switch “learns” the operating pressure each time the system is started, so automatically adjusts itself to the pressure no matter which outlet is being used on the system. This enables very highly targeted over and under pressure trip points, as low as 4kPa.  The IPG20 can track the pressure change on a travelling irrigator to compensate for the change in terrain contour.  The IPG20 can also cyclically run a pod irrigation system.

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F60 Pump Controller


  • Very simple to program
  • Multi voltage operation
  • Displays pressure and set points
  • 11 Programmable timers built in
  • Powerful 40 Amp solid state drive
  • 30Amp Primary pump relay
  • Dedicated 16 Amp alarm relay
  • Detachable electrical housing
  • 20 Bar 290 psi Pressure rating
  • Suites pipes 1” & Larger
  • Accepts remote imput
  • IP67 Rated


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